Our commitments

Our commitments

– Your tailor-made tour with an English-speaking guide, your private transport, your family and/or your friends in all intimacy, without fixed schedules, without the inconvenience of “others” to discover in all serenity this splendid land.

– A detailed travel plan and a complete file.

– A care from your arrival at the airport and during the stages, until your return.

– Reliable, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles.

– The internet coordinates of the hotels and vehicles provided with the file so that you can see the quality of our proposals.

– Typical, varied and comfortable accommodations (lodge, resort, homestay, cruise junk, train etc)

– Excellent customer service.

– The proposed hotels are selected by us and inspected regularly to ensure that they meet our quality criteria.

– During the preparation of your tour, we will advise you on the best way to choose your itinerary. All this according to your desires of discoveries or activities and according to your budget as far as possible.

– The quality and authenticity of your stay in Vietnam are of primary importance to us. So even if as a local English-speaking agency we benefit from very advantageous rates on all the services, we always privilege the quality to the least expensive.

– As soon as you arrive, we are available for you 24 hours a day by phone or by dropping by during business hours if you need it.

– We are committed to providing carefully screened, quality English-speaking guides.

Working without an intermediary reduces the cost of your trip

The presence on the spot assures you a much better quality/price ratio. By avoiding intermediaries, a larger part of the price you pay goes back to the country you are visiting, you contribute more significantly to the economic progress of the local country and bring your stone to solidarity projects (guest house for example). The right balance between the right price, the quality of the service, the sound management and the fair remuneration of our local team are the main criteria for the calculation of our prices.

Be the creator of your own customized trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.

Each of them benefits from a personalized service. The proposed tours are handmade. We are concerned with the demands and requirements of each individual. We devote the necessary time to the elaboration of the programs so that each trip is unique. So our clients don’t have to put up with the rhythm or the untimely “others”, which are inseparable from traditional organized trips.

VietnamEvasion is the story of a passion for Indochina and its inhabitants. It is also a search for authenticity and a journey far from the beaten track. We take you to travel in Indochina close to the inhabitants, in an exceptional setting. Because you will travel differently, you will benefit from a unique point of view and an unforgettable experience.

Authentic and original routes.

Our search for landscapes and nature still preserved, authentic and varied people, led us to Indochina where time flows at the rhythm of the Mekong, the “mother of waters”. Here, everything is calm and serenity. Remained away from the tourist flows, the country knew how to preserve its multiple cultural identity, thanks to its various ethnic groups, as well as its natural and architectural heritage. Far from formatted tours, your customized trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia is above all placed under the sign of creativity. We are committed to offer you the discovery of unusual or confidential places, to offer you the best conditions to visit the essential sites, to encourage encounters, to sharpen your curiosity, to awaken your senses.

Vietnam Evasion imagines for you original and authentic routes. An invitation to discover this nature and these people, with the guarantee of a quality service. It carries out well-organized tours with visits to major sites, unknown and yet exceptional that a foreign tour operator cannot know..

High quality services

On the whole of our customized trip in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, you will find quality services as for the choice of the guide, the guide and the whole accompanying team, the air and ground transport, the accommodation, the material provided and the food. A regular presence of VietnamEvasion representatives in the field is ensured in order to maintain the quality of these services. The proposed service providers are selected and inspected regularly by people on site.

Perfect knowledge of the country

Each of our experts has his or her own specialty and optimizes your tailor-made trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia thanks to their knowledge and their ability to understand your expectations. Vietnam Evasion experts like to share their passion for travel and let you benefit from their good plans which are constantly updated.

Advice from specialists

Depending on your choice of destination, specialists will answer your questions, whether you are wondering about the cultural interest of a program, the difficulty of a tour, the climate, formalities or health precautions… A team that knows the field perfectly well is there to answer you as soon as possible.

24 hour availability & assistance

Our English-speaking experts answer your request for a quote within 24 hours by phone, Skype and email, and during your trip, they are available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and assist you.

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