Solidarity vacations

The goal of solidarity vacations is to be useful and to encourage exchanges, in a responsible tourism perspective. Several offers exist to go on solidarity vacations and more and more travelers feel concerned by this approach. All of this is always done in a spirit of solidarity and sharing, in a way that is more respectful of the environment, of people and of local cultures. The main objectives of our solidarity trips :


– Generally, a very small part of a tourist package goes directly back to the visited countries (20 to 30% according to the countries and still, very often in the same pockets, leaving aside the population of the villages however crossed, photographed…), the majority of the profits being repatriated towards the head offices of the hotel chains and tour operators of the developed countries. The structure of Vietnam Evasion being on the contrary, established in Vietnam, the quasi-totality of the charges and profits is directly spent and reinvested in the country.

– Moreover, by taking our clients to a more remote and unspoiled Vietnam, the expenses incurred locally for visits, meals, handicrafts and other purchases benefit those who need it most and not just the middlemen and other wholesale chains.

– We are also keen to develop partnerships with villages, local organizations or families for some excursions or activities…, So, we strongly advise you to stay with local people (in Mai Chau, Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Ba Be, Thac Ba, Nghia Lo, Mekong…)

All this ensures economic benefits for the visited country.

Respect the environment and local cultures :

Vietnam Evasion is committed to minimizing the impact of its activity on the environment :

– By asking its service providers and partners to commit to better management of water and natural resources and to the preservation of local heritage.

– By informing travelers about good practices and making them aware of the need to respect the environment (traveler’s ethical charter).

– By giving them, through local guides, information on the environmental issues of the country they are visiting.

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