Questions & réponses

1Which is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Our first advice: Don’t try to see the maximum of things, take your time to discover. It is common to see tourists who travel from north to south in less than 12 days. As a result, they don’t take the time to appreciate and they come back from their stay more tired than when they arrived.

The best time to go is from October to May, when it rains the least and is not yet too hot, but you can certainly travel all year round, even in the period of the summer and the monsoon, because all the hotels are air-conditioned and it rarely rains all day.

2How to book with Vietnam Evasion ?

Everything is in 3 simple steps :

– You ask us for an estimate according to your desires and your budget.

– Our advisor will work with you to refine the tour by answering all your questions and making changes to the tour so that it suits you perfectly.

– After your confirmation and the payment of a deposit of 20% of the amount of the trip by bank transfer or credit card, Vietnam Evasion will proceed to the reservation of the services. The balance will be paid on arrival by credit card or cash.

3How far in advance should I book my trip with Vietnam Evasion?

Make your reservation well in advance if possible to find the best prices and availability of services.

4Can I change or cancel my trip?

Of course, Vietnam Evasion offers tailor-made tours so all changes are possible before departure even after the firm confirmation.

DIn case of cancellation of the trip, please consult our terms of sale

5Is my trip private or are there other participating tours?

Vietnam Evasion organizes only private trips in small groups for the couple, people of the same family, friends so there are no other participants in your group.

6How can I get my Vietnam visa ?

If the duration of your trip does not exceed 15 days, visas are free for French people.

If more than 15 days, French and Canadian citizens can get the E-visa online.

For Belgians and Swiss, you need an invitation letter: before departure, Vietnam Evasion sends you by email the invitation letter which allows you to board the plane to Vietnam without visa and to obtain it at the arrival airport by paying 25 USD on the spot for a single entry visa and 50 USD for a multiple entry visa. You need your passport valid for 6 months after your return date and a passport size photo.

What about visas for Cambodia and Laos ?

It’s even simpler: you just need to fill out the immigration form that you will be given on the plane or at the border and pay 30 USD with your passport and a passport size photo.

7How is the comfort at home ?

It is rudimentary and not very clean? No, in fact it is equipped with matelas, sheets, pillows, blankets, mosquito nets, towels, hot water, toilets and of course it is clean. The food is also very good and often it is a place far from the crowd.

8Is Vietnam a safe destination ?

Vietnam is a safe country, except for pickpockets, snatchings (often done on motorcycles) and scams in some areas of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. Be vigilant in these places, they are the only ones where petty crime develops. Our trips take place in the middle of a perfectly calm nature.

The various ethnic groups live together in peace. Physical aggressions against tourists are extremely rare.

9Is it the same guide for the whole trip ?

For tours in North Vietnam, you often have only one guide

For the tours from the North to the South through the Center, you are accompanied by a guide specialized in each region.

10What is the electricity current and type of plug ?

The electric current is 220 volts and the plugs are European type.

11Is there an internet and wifi connection?

Yes, it is everywhere. All hotels offer a free connection.

Wifi is available in almost all bars, cafes and hotels.

12How are my hotels during the trip ?

Vietnam Evasion offers a complete and varied range of accommodation options, where comfort, charm and warmth of welcome are always at the forefront. These hotels range from 2 stars to 5 stars depending on your budget.

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